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I Biagi

“I Biagi” was established in 1987 in Pescia, a small medieval town located between Lucca and Florence.

This area of Tuscany is famous for its metalwork tradition, dating back to ancient times, metalwork used especially for the manufacture of tableware, household products and gift items.

The range of articles offered by “I Biagi” uses a characteristic and original combination of bronze and hand decorated crystal, created respecting the traditional methods.

The work of “I Biagi” is greatly appreciated for its attention to details and the ability to enrich their creations with the knowledge and contribution of the old artisans.

All the articles in the “I Biagi”’s catalogue are hand-made and properly tested.

The owners Franco and Carlo Biagi work together with the their designers to come up with new ideas and original products which are offered to the public as soon as they have passed rigorous tests.

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