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The firm of Villari was established in the late 1960s. Cesare and Silvia themselves mould the models and prototypes, which are then faithfully reproduced by their talented team. Many of their works are Capodimonte reproductions – some of the finest in the wolrd – and this activity gives them a well deserved place among the greatest exponents of the art of Italian Porcelain. Quality, too, is an undeniable feature of development and philosophy of the firm. These are the factors wich lie behind the pieces they produce from day to day. Their work is not inspired exclusively by Capodimonte Porcelain, but also by the Italian Baroque style. Where individual pieces are concerned, it must be stressed that every single figure is finished in the finest detail using costly paint based on special oils extracted from firtrees and lavender.

They are then enhanced with 18- carat pure gold and platinum, and some pieces are further embellished by applying Swarovski crystals to give them a unique shine and elegance. All Villari items are signed by the artist, Cesare Villari, as a gurantee of their authenticity, and bear the fire-impressed trademark "Porcellane Villari" and the Capodimonte letter "N", which denotes a particular style of Italian porcelain. Eache item comes with a Certificate of Origin, which guarantees its provenance and that it is made entirely by hand using authentic materials. Made in Italy and exported worldwide, Porcellane Villari items are easily recognisable by their attention to detail and refinement. Prestigious artefacts, they will always be admired for the history and tradition they embody.