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Alain Saint Joanis

« Our family have been cutlers from father to son for 4 generations (1876) (we have a diploma dated 1908 from the Ministry of Trade certifying the quality of our products even at the time), and the SARL ALAIN SAINT-JOANIS, limited company, was founded in 1956, manufacturing cutlery with HORN – EBONY – IVORY – PEARL – TORTOISESHELL handles. Household cutlery: spoons, forks, tea spoons, etc. were sold in stainless steel or silver plated metal. It was only much later that the handles of the household cutlery matched that of the knives.

The arrival of the dishwasher obliged us to review our entire production and methods of manufacturing, which we had to adapt to suit the conditions imposed by frequent and repeated washing in the dishwasher and the products used by these machines.

As far as our collection is concerned, it is updated every year and we adapt old models, created by ALAIN SAINT-JOANIS, by using new materials and new techniques, whilst respecting the quality criteria which have always been the key element of our company. We are inspired by models exposed at the Museum of Cutlery in Thiers, which has the most brilliant collections of the world.

Our company is one of craftsmen, where we are part of the family and each person is responsible for a particular role.

All of products are made in France.»

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Alain Saint Joanis Alain Saint Joanis
Alain Saint Joanis Alain Saint Joanis