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Under the brand name Herman Lighting Jewellery we offer entirely original luxury lighting objects and chandeliers made and supplied solely by Czech company ALDIT s.r.o.

Originality dwells in esthetic interpretation of luxury lighting fixtures and in uniqueness of their decoration. Fundamental bearing components are from glass; they are made in our own glass manufacturing plant by patented technology and are decorated by weaved and hand shaped brass elements with galvanic noble metals applied under tight control (gold, silver). These elements are joined by manual soldering technique, they are not glued. Metal parts are protected from environmental influence and for easy maintenance by special lacquer.

Considering that company ALDIT s.r.o. is not just assembly plant depending on its sub-suppliers, but we have all our production under control - not only when it comes to quality processing but also safety perspective for the customer. These products count among the top world-class products in this industry market. They are solely custom-made; therefore the final shape, size and light intensity are the result of technical possibilities and customer´s imagination. Every lighting object has its own certificate and is submitted to consistent output control, including the safe connection of all conductors.

These unique objects can become family heirloom which will only gain value in time. They are mainly intended for temples, chateaus and even the residential houses. They are made for the customers with fine taste, who were not affected by dull and soulless modernism. They will bring not only beauty but also the feel of particular exceptionality to the interior.

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